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Supports Websites Worldwide by Changing Color Scheme to Magenta

LOS ANGELES, Calif., April 1, 2008 Today the website received a new magenta color scheme. Websites worldwide are converting to magenta today to advocate's use of the color, in response to a letter they received last week from T-Mobile's parent company, Deutsche Telekom, asking them to discontinue their use of such. joins other top websites that are taking a stand today, including,,, and, among many others. There is also the website, which was started based on previous actions by Deutsche Telekom to protect their claimed ownership of the color. Countless personal websites, profiles, and blogs have changed their colors as well.

There are many ironies of this, such as the appearance of T-Mobile advertising on many of said sites, the fact that many of said sites contain articles that relay T-Mobile news and information, and the realization that the shade of the color magenta being used by the sites is not in fact the same as the shade used in T-Mobile's logo.

New and existing members of can begin enjoying the use of the color magenta immediately by visiting the site. The color will enjoy its newfound presence on the site for an indefinite period of time.

For additional information, Visit: To view the new color scheme, simply visit

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We were the first site dedicated to enabling

the exchange of Friend Codes, and now we're

also the easiest to use! Our new straightforward

layout was designed with that premise in mind.

Of course, we're still open to new ideas. Feel

free to volunteer your suggestions to: Enjoy the site!

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