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What is NintendoWFC?

There are hundreds of video games for Nintendo systems that can be played against opponents over the internet. These are called Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (WFC) games.

What are Friend Codes?

Every WFC game player is assigned a unique Friend Code for each WFC game. It's a number that is usually twelve digits long. If you want to play against someone directly, then you must know their Friend Code (FC) for the game you want to play them on.

What does this site do?

If you have 10 WFC games, then you have 10 different Friend Codes to remember! This site allows you to create a profile to keep track of them all. You can also share your profile with other WFC players so they can see your FCs and play games with you.

What if I don't know any WFC players?

Once you sign up, you'll be able to browse our database of NWC
players, exchange messages, post in the forums, and chat live.


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