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How does the site help me find WiFi Opponents?

Question originally asked by Cazba13 (1565) on Oct 24, 2006 at 1:51am (Eastern Time)


In order to play against people on your Nintendo DS or Wii, you will have to know their Friend Codes. is a place where you can share your Friend Codes, as well as get other peoples' Friend Codes.

Currently, there are two ways you can find new friends. The first is to use our Search for Opponents page. From there you can find opponents and contact them via our website, email, or IM to set up a game together. Another way is through our Chat Room. If someone is in the Chat Room, you can set up a game with them and play together. In the near future we will also have Forums (aka Message Boards) where you can leave messages for people to see.

Another benefit to joining the site is that it creates a Profile for you, which you can set as public. This allows you to post a link on other websites, profiles, or emails that people can click to see your Friend Codes, even if they're not a member of!

Question answered by NintendoWFC (3) on Oct 24, 2006 at 1:51am (Eastern Time)

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