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Jonesboro, Louisiana

United States

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Aug 8th, 2023 at 12:25am (Pacific Time)




Furry arts and computer stuff and playing games. Im usually bored.

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Nintendo DS image Mario Kart DS image 279291-267122
Nintendo DS image Megaman Star Force 3: Black Ace image 3738-7435-0445
Nintendo DS image Metroid Prime Hunters image 5198-2983-9984
GSPID: BlackFlare
Nintendo DS image Pokemon Black 2 image 3654-8439-3205
Nintendo DS image Pokemon Platinum image 0345-5094-4444
Nintendo DS image Pokemon SoulSilver image 4555-2150-3253
Nintendo DS image Pokemon White image 3224-7353-8534
Nintendo Wii image *Wii Messaging / Wii System image 1016-7370-1841-2775
Console Nickname: ZephyrWolf
Nintendo Wii image Mario Kart Wii image 4983-8362-1345
Nintendo Wii image Pokemon Battle Revolution image 3696-2459-8390
Nintendo Wii image Super Smash Bros Brawl image 1376-1083-1654
Nintendo Wii image Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars image 1119-2705-5530
Nintendo 3DS image *Nintendo 3DS System image 4339-2473-9068
Mii Name: Zain
Nintendo 3DS image Mario Kart 7 image 4339-2473-9068
Nintendo 3DS image Pokemon Y image 4339-2473-9068
Nintendo 3DS image Swapnote image 4339-2473-9068
Nintendo Wii U image Mario Kart 8 image silverwolfzhane
Nintendo Wii U image Nintendo Wii U image silverwolfzhane

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