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Dallas, Texas

United States

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Feb 11th, 2021 at 11:05am (Pacific Time)


Find out what i like to do.Mainly, battling, drumming, txting, chatting, and exploring


pokemon i claim mewyyyehh!!! and stuff

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Nintendo DS image Diary Girl image 0804-0804-0804
Nintendo DS image Pokemon Black image 0000-0000-0000
Nintendo DS image Pokemon HeartGold image 2322-5565-2164
Nintendo DS image Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness image 3395-8050-6771
Nintendo DS image Pokemon Platinum image 4598-3866-8657
Nintendo DS image Pokemon SoulSilver image 0000-0000-0000
Nintendo DS image Pokemon White image 2666-3511-7100
Nintendo DS image Pokemon White 2 image 6547-2537-3453
Nintendo Wii image Guitar Hero: World Tour image 0000-0000-0000
Nintendo 3DS image *Nintendo 3DS System image 0000-0000-0000
Mii Name: nothing yet

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